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Made in Holland
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Made in Holland!
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The latest news from Bijlard

Peter Bijlard in the spotlight

Sixty-one years ago, Peter Bijlard's father founded his own company selling many types of adhesive, and quickly built up a one-man business. Peter didn't plan to take over the company, but immediately after his father passed away on 12 June 1987, he had no other choice and decided to take over at ‘the helm’, so that he and his mother would in any case be assured of an income. Read more

“This is a partner that really gets involved and is of great added value to us”

As a self-employed businessperson, it is very important to have reliable partners with high-quality products. After all, the quality of the products they offer helps to determine how satisfied your own customers are. This applies to sheet suppliers, paint manufacturers and also the producer and supplier of adhesive. Read more

Unique project in the centre of Nijmegen

The Brandgrens 024 project in Nijmegen is the kind of project that makes you proud to be a glue supplier. Where not only the versatility of your glue comes to light, but because the story behind it is so special. Read more

Bijlard adhesive instruction videos now online

Every adhesive has its own mode of use and application. Reading the technical leaflet can be a first step, but it is of course also convenient to demonstrate things visually. Read more

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